Trading, like any other worthwhile activity requires proper education, practice and patience. No sane person would go into brain or spine surgery after a week of training. You also do not see much success in any other field of performance be it sports, business, politics or law, without proper knowledge and training. Before you can start to gain competence you have to know what you don’t know and then you would know it and start putting your new knowledge to practice. Read, read, read and then read more.

Research, apply your ideas about trading to your charts and always, always work on yourself. FOREX is the best and the worst place to find yourself. It is best because it will show you who you are very quickly and worst because you might not have wanted to find out and now you would be forced to change and change is hard and it takes time. This brings me back to the original proposal that any worthwhile goal takes knowledge and patience. Read on. Study up.


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