Frequently Asked Questions
The following is a list of the frequently asked questions I receive. If you have more specific questions or would like more details, please contact us.

Do you only provide signals or do you train as well?
Yes, I do both, swing trades and day trades as well as teaching how to trade.

How often do you post signals?
Setups are posted about twice a day in the morning and evening.

What medium do you use to communicate your setups with members?
We use Slack App. It’s really great! You can have it on all of your devices, it’s very user-friendly and interactive.

What time do you post trade setups?
In the morning and evening and they are always limit orders days or hours ahead of the fill, so you have plenty of time to place the order no matter where you are located in the world.

How accurate are your setups?
My goal is to reach consistent 95% and then to have several weeks of 100% accurate trades out of every month and then eventually no losing trades at all and also to take every trade to the pip or two and only have heat of 5-10 pips due to market noise with targets of 100-500 pips. I have take many trades like that and I don’t see a reason why my method will stop working. I am aware of the fact that markets change technically and fundamentally and I always adjust to the new trading environment.

I trade 6 main trade Types and there are also classes in each type (you can see them on my charts). You can also see more details of my trade type on the Method page

How many pips do you make per week?
Depending on market environment and which pairs I trade. Why does this matter? Well for example, as of this writing EURCHF moves 17 pips per 4 hour bar on any given week while GBPAUD moves 80 pips. So if my setups for the week call for a lot of CHF trading and not a lot of GBP trades the pip amount will be lower. Some weeks have returned as much as 2,000 pips. My goal is 1,000 pips a week and we achieve that on the regular bases.

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