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Last week trades

Last week was great, with closing some of the trades that were opened last week this week I’ve pulled over 2000 pips which is about 700 pips since I scale out 3 times. Here are some of the trades that we got into last week:


How to regain confidence in yourself and trading after a big loss

Recent GBP flash crash has wiped out a lot of traders’ accounts and it looks like some brokers will also go out of business because of this. Not only because they also lost a lot of money, but also because of the reputation they have built for themselves in regards to honoring stops and potential lying.

I have lived through about 4-5 flash crashes in several markets over the years. I don’t know a good trader who hasn’t been on a wrong side of a flash crash in the last several years. I know that there is no amount of words or sentences that can return your lost funds. There is a possibility of a class action law suit that can take a long time with a small settlement.
Right now is a very critical moment in your life and I want you to own it. I want you to make the best of this and in this letter I will describe how and what I did in the past.

To gain confidence in myself, trading and the whole system I started out by

– taking a little break to clear my head, it can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or even a month
– counting my blessings: I still have limbs, friends, family, health and I am loved
– remembering all of my successes as a trader
– getting very clear on what I really want in life and career
– taking important lessons from what happened
– applying those lessons in the future trading when I return
– do more research and education on the matter and trading as a whole
– learn more about risk management and trading psychology
– start taking care of my body, health and the mind by practicing daily mindfulness meditation
– stay social and forgive myself and others, I only have myself to blame and no one else
– take full responsibility of what happened no matter how hard it is and then let go, how? Just let go.

Everything that happens in life can be a lesson, when something good happens we look to ways of repeating it, when something uninvited happens we look for ways to avoid it in the future. This event and others are lessons for us. We will all take away different lessons from this and become better and stronger because of this. There is nothing more powerful than who you are as a person, do not let anything or anyone break that! Instead you have a decision to make right now. There are many other traders who are in exact same shoes as you are or even worse, some of them will be defeated mentally, or worse (we know it from the past, 1929, 1987, 2001, 2008, etc), yet many will overcome this and come out a better person/trader despite of the event. I think this is the only way to get back at “them”, by being strong willed, patient and forgiving.

When I get into a negative thought pattern I remind myself that ‘it is what it is while it is”. I ask myself how I am feeling right now, over and over again until I get an answer(s) and I distance myself from these thoughts that do not let me move on and do the right thing.

We must learn before we can earn

Trading, like any other worthwhile activity requires proper education, practice and patience. No sane person would go into brain or spine surgery after a week of training. You also do not see much success in any other field of performance be it sports, business, politics or law, without proper knowledge and training. Before you can start to gain competence you have to know what you don’t know and then you would know it and start putting your new knowledge to practice. Read, read, read and then read more.

Research, apply your ideas about trading to your charts and always, always work on yourself. FOREX is the best and the worst place to find yourself. It is best because it will show you who you are very quickly and worst because you might not have wanted to find out and now you would be forced to change and change is hard and it takes time. This brings me back to the original proposal that any worthwhile goal takes knowledge and patience. Read on. Study up.


Interview with the founder

How did you get started in trading?

I opened my first stock trading account with Scottstrade when I was 19. I remember I saw an infomercial on television; some guy was selling educational VHS tapes on trading stocks for $9.95. I later learned of course it was a pitch for very expensive seminars. At the time I was looking to get into some sort of business so this seemed like a good idea to me.

I have to tell you I’ve made all the mistakes in the book. I was trading with borrowed money, over leveraged, under funded, little knowledge, no mentors, listening to CNBC and online forums. It was a disaster waiting to happen. I blew up many accounts in my career.

Why do you like to trade FOREX vs other markets?

When I traded stocks and futures for years they were such competitive markets, you had to be a genius just to break even, then when I looked at some FOREX charts it just looked so straightforward to me. Currency movement just make more sense to me, I understand how they move better than stocks, bond or futures. I believe you have to trade markets that make sense to you.

I like the volatility and liquidity of forex markets and with enough knowhow you can really pay small commissions and spreads.

Why did you start this trading group?

I have been trading for so long and have gained several students along the way, I really enjoy trading and teaching. Being responsible for my students’ trading decisions makes me work harder to deliver only the best trades which in turn also benefits my own trading and theirs, it’s a win-win. After a while I became a very competent trader and was able to put aside funds to start this venture. I want to teach traders how to trade the Leonidas Method.

Why did you start your trading room?

I want to have my own space in the FOREX community where I can communicate and share ideas with my students. Trading is a serious business and I take this very seriously. I believe I can add a lot of value and share my experience with other traders and also learn along the way from them we well.

Can profitable trading be taught?

Absolutely! I have taught myself, I was taught and now I trade and teach. Trading isn’t for everybody or for the faint of heart but with enough time, dedication, mental practice and proper knowledge one can be successful trader. And that is the goal at Leonidas, I don’t want to keep someone on a leash, if a trader feels that he/she is able to trade on his own I will only support that.

What sets you apart from other companies?

I have ran several trading rooms in the past, managing hundreds of clients at a time. I have a great strategy and my students learn something new every day. I provide a lot of value for the small price. I give traders tool that are not available anywhere else, like the index chart and the yearly forecasts, we well as videos, webinars, one on one help, and much much more.

What is the end goal of Leonidas Trading Group?

Learning and growing is never finished. I want to help other people become financially independent. I want to inspire and educate traders to take control of their lives. Even if trading does not become their career (it’s not for everyone), I want the people I work with take something of value from this experience. I want to create a large community and trade accounts for those members who do not have time to trade.

Welcome to Leonidas Trading Group

My name is Vadim Leonidas and I want to welcome you to our family. If you are passionate about forex trading or if you are new to trading or a trading veteran I hope that you will find a great environment and a fascinating career in trading. Please read everything on this website and contact me if you are interested in joining our team of successful traders. I work with traders from all over the world, from the US, Russia, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Welcome to Leonidas Trading Group!