My name is Vadim and trading has been my passion for the last 14 years. I first started trading stocks when I was 19 while living in Alaska. I worked two jobs and was going to the university. I worked and studied and was learning as much as I could about trading. I remember opening a Scottstrade brokerage account with a borrowed $5,000 only to watch it dwindle into nothing in less than a few months.

I continued to learn about the markets and how to trade them. Back then we didn’t have facebook, youtube, twitter or instagram; it was a post ‘dot com’ crash, bottom of the stock market back in 2003. I continued to trade and made the same mistakes over and over again. I kept at it, reading books and analyzing my mistakes. Eventually I started looking at other markets like futures and I started to make some progress. I connected with other traders and became very good at forecasting the market movements. Since then I have traded in pretty much every market before finally settling down with FOREX and its┬ámajor pairs. I still remember a time when I was growing up in Russia and when we defaulted back in 1997, when the dollar went from 5 rubles to 25 within several days. Needless to say, the country was once again in distress. I thought it was fascinating that you could buy some dollars now and sell them later for a higher price. I remember contemplating different ways of profiting from these weekly fluctuations in the ruble but I was a poor kid with no money.

Over the years I have gained a lot of experience in trading, market movement, technical and statistical analysis and psychology of trading. I briefly dipped my toes into the prop firm trading and proceeded to hire traders and train them to trade my fund in the index futures markets. Some did well, most lost money. I have also realized that you cannot teach experience but what you can do is insure that traders at least do not lose one’s shirt while they are getting the experience needed to become successful traders.

I really enjoy and love trading. Technical analysis is such a puzzle and it’s just plain fun for me to figure out why the market moved in a certain way. I absolutely love teaching and helping other traders whether they are new or a seasoned trader. I started this service because, as you might know or will find out, trading can be a lonely profession and we are very social creatures. I want to help and interact with other traders around the world and share my trades and knowledge. I have built a community and we treat everyone as family. Thank you for stopping by and I will see you on the other side!


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